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Proper posture for hairdresser (HTH)

Proper posture for hairdresser (HTH)

Assuming the Right Posture – What All Hairdressers Must Know

Hairdressers often work long hours standing and bending over. Without a correct posture, there is a good chance for certain health concerns to come into play. These problems may well be the reason to force you out into an early retirement from your salon. As a result, it is very important to improve your posture not only to prolong your career as a hairdresser but also to lead a healthy life.

Common health concerns for hairdressers

Hairdressers often face health problems such as muscle aches, back strain, sore feet, fatigue, shoulder pain, swollen feet and in some cases even knots in the shoulders. Most of these conditions are quite painful and force you from your work for prolonged periods of time. In some cases, they may cause permanent damage. Conditions such as varicose veins may even force you into retirement. However, there is an easy way out. All you need to do is correct your posture and most of these problems can be completely avoided; if you already have one then its severity can be reduced. If you find it too hard to learn on your own, you can even attend a hairdressing workshop to understand all about good posture. Simple things such as getting a new chair or a rubber mat can save you a lot of time and money.

Fixing your posture

Good posture not only helps you to avoid health problems but, you can also present yourself to your clients in a professional way and gain their trust quickly. In order to understand and learn how to fix your posture, you must first identify what can be termed as a bad posture.

Drooped shoulders, slumped back, standing stiff, swaying back with belly pouched out front or drooped shoulders. All of these are examples of bad postures. One of the areas where most people go wrong is with the choice of footwear. High heels are not recommended for a hairdressing profession where you will need to be standing for a greater part of your day’s work. Try to wear flat footwear. If you feel that this makes you look too short, the least you could do is to get a stool so as to not stress your feet. Make use of the flexibility that hydraulic chairs provide. If you don't have one it would be best to get one. These chairs allow you to adjust your client's seating levels for different procedures and you won’t have to bend one bit.

Hairdressing is a profession that puts your body through a lot of stress. Maintaining a good posture right from the beginning is very important. Concentrate on your posture every day as you work with your clients and soon you will notice that it comes naturally to you!