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Blow-drying a Wispy cut


Create Numerous Styles with the Long Wispy Hair Cut

Working with long hair can be fun, as it gives you a wide area to experiment with different hairstyles. Use various hair products and apply different blow drying techniques to achieve brilliant results. The long wispy cut is a very flattering hairstyle and it works well with long hair.

A versatile look

The ‘wispy cut’ is a versatile cut and can be styled in many different ways. It suits both short and long hair, and one can create many looks with this cut. A good wispy cut frames the face and makes the hair look voluminous. One of the many reasons why this cut is popular is because it can be styled very easily, using just a blow dryer.

Numerous styles for long hair

As mentioned, the long wispy cut can be styled in diverse ways to suit anybody, in these ways. One can try ‘wispy fringes and a messy hairstyle’ using a blow dryer, for a quick and laidback look. ‘Side swept bangs’ or ‘wispy thick fringes’ will suit well with long wavy hair. ‘Choppy wispy layers’ can be achieved by lightly blow drying on wet hair.

You can choose to have ‘sleek wispy bangs’ with straight hair to create the sleek look, or opt for the ‘side-swept wispy curls’ for a fun, young look. ‘Wispy long wavy curls’ can be added to the entire length of your hair to create a voluminous look. The ‘thick wispy long hair’ cut, works well with the natural body of thick hair, and it uses the volume of the hair very well. 

Blow drying and finger combing wispy bangs

You can add more volume to lifeless, thin hair using a simple blow drying technique. Wash the hair and drain the excess water using a soft towel. Avoid using gels or mousse on the hairs especially the bangs, as it can leave your hair feeling heavy. But if you have frizzy hair, some serum or mousse can be applied to tame the hair before styling. Then blow dry the hair while running your fingers through it. This will ensure that your bangs look naturally set and will not look heavy. In addition, the blow dryer will give them a nice volume and bounce.

Eliminating frizz during blow dry

Some women have frizzy, long hair that is hard to tame. Applying anti-frizz hair products before styling can help. You could even apply mousse, through the length of the hair, and dry the entire head of hair with a blow dryer at low heat. Curl hair around the face, inwards, so as to frame the face, and scrunch the curls a little to blend the look and make it look natural.

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