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Blowdrying a Wedge cut


Dos and Don’ts for Blowdrying Short Hair

Using a blow-dryer to style short hair is easier, and takes less time, when compared to drying and styling long or medium-length hair. When it comes to short hairstyles, blowdrying can be quite tricky too. Since the length of the hair is highly reduced, you may accidently burn the scalp with the heat of the dryer or damage the hair. Here are some tips that will help you avoid some major mistakes while blowdrying short hair.

Regulate heat and airflow

Too much heat and high rate of air flow can cause over drying that may lead to static buildup or frizziness in the hair. It could damage the strands by drying out the moisture present, causing breakage, and hair fall. Also, when you try to dry out the hair completely using high heat and air flow, it could spoil the silky finish that you should achieve at the end of blowdrying.

Avoid shaking the dryer

Shaking the blow-dryer while styling does not offer the even heat and airflow required to dry and set the hair. Allow the hot air to run over the same section multiple times, until you achieve a perfect silky finish. Set the dryer to medium airflow and heat so that you can avoid overheating. Do not direct the airflow at the scalp.

Start at the bottom

Do not begin drying at the front and then work your way towards the back of the head. Always begin blowdrying from the hair near the neck, and work your way towards the top and front. These are the parts where curls and waves form easily when left unattended. You can also achieve more volume by concentrating on the roots and moving towards the ends, as you work on the hair from back to front.

Go for natural looks

Most customers do not prefer a perfectly set curly or wavy look achieved by using a round brush and blow-dryer. These looks require a lot of care and maintenance, as they will look odd even with one strand of hair out of place, because of the wind or frizz. Blend in the curls and waves throughout the head so the style appears natural. It also gives great volume and lasts longer.

Use proper styling tools

There are various brushes and blow-dryers for different purposes of styling like straight style, curly style, and wavy style. Depending on the purpose, choose your blow-dryer, the settings, and brushes to work with the hair. Sometimes, you would have to use a specific brush for a specific hair type. You can learn about the various brushes used while watching our step-by-step video tutorials on blowdrying.

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