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Interview with Dr. Vladimir Zelenko

January 16, 2022

Covid is a bioweapon NOT a virus. Covid 19 is a weapon made in a laboratory and what is called gain of function research is nothing more than making a weapon of mass destruction, and genocide. This is premeditated mass murder. Covid is a bioweapon NOT a virus. Covid 19 is a weapon made in a laboratory and what is called gain of function research is nothing more than making a weapon of mass destruction, and genocide. This is premeditated mass murder. 
Dr. Vladimir Zelenko

Covid is a bioweapon NOT a virus. This means that the bioweapon was used on humanity in order to bring in the new world order slavery system. Covid is a curable bioweapon NOT a deadly virus.

Omicron is unstoppable, it’s more infectious than meezels. Everyone is going to get it, however, it seems to tackle the upper airwaves in most cases and there are very few deaths. It’s very treatable. 

If you vaccinate people during a pandemic you cause the variants to happen.  One possibility is that whoever has orchestrated this, knows exactly what they are doing, and they are doing it on purpose to maintain the new variants and the consequences of that which is essentially a psyop global psychosis. The fear of lockdown and wearing a face diper. 

What is the globalist’s agenda? In 2015 Bill Gates said that the world population will be reduced by 15% through the use of vaccines because of global warming. In 2020, Bill Gates said the 7 billion people must be to get vaccinated. Why would I take a vaccine for my health from someone who is advocating the vaccines to reduce the whole population. In 2016 Claus Schwab said something very strange. In 2026 every single human being will be tagged with a digital identifier. 

A bioweapon was made with an antidote, which has been suppressed and hidden. The bioweapon is released and it’s extremely easy to treat. However access to those medications is being suppressed.  
The technology that exists in these vaccines allows for the measurements of biometric data such as your heart rate, respiratory rate, temperature and then the transmission of that data with your location to a third party. Pattent WO/2020/060606 (owned by Bill Gates) links biometric data transmission to crypto currency. 

So this has never been about your health. Covid19 was always about using fear and mass psychosis to get 7 billion people to willfully get injected with the technology that would permit them to participate in the new crypto currency base system which will be the system that the world will use for finance. Fiat currency will be gone, and the only way you can participate in transactions (eg; buying bread) is by having literally a transmitting sensor of information with your location. Which is the mark of the beast. With that you can buy bread for example. 

Bill Gates and Claus Shwab said that these vaccines change who you are. And they explain it. Because of the gene editing technology they are making the human better. That’s where transhumanism, aka human 2.0 comes in. Human 1.0 is the version that is made by GodWhat we really are is imprinted in the genetic code. We are made in the image of God, because we have his code in us. Now, would you give Bill Gates and Claus Schwab the password to your home security system? Why would we give him access to our genetic code?  So human 2.0 in the demented, depraved, deranged pagan minds of these people is the next step to the evolution of human beings. And, I’m saying if you allow that to happen to your self, you are no longer made an image of God, you are made an image of Bill Gates and Claus Shwab.  

All this rhetoric of the demented puppet in the white house, where you shouln’t let your kids play with unvaccinated, is all used as a coersive measure to get as many people tagged for the New World Order crypto currency based system that is managed by a few players and used to enslave Humanity.  

How do you destroy a country like America. You create a pandemic, you lock down middle class small businesses, but you leave Walmart and Home Depot open because that is not dangerous, basically a wealth transfer from the middle class to the people who want to be in power. So this is a one big attempt to enslaving humanity. It’s a brilliant but EVIL plan. Because slavery has been the most lucrative industry throughout human history. And now is no different. And you have some sociopaths that believe in inmortality and think they will transfer their consiousness in some cyborg and live forever enjoying the whole world as their playground. 

A few months ago, Elon Musk debued his humanoid robots and during his presentation said that these robots will eliminate 90% of the work force. And therefore we need a universal income. What that means, in the minds of these people, we are not made in the divine. We are cockroaches, and they are not going to throw endless universal income resources at cockroaches too long. They will do it initially in order to map out, identify the useless eaters and then they will liquidate them. This has happened before, 88 years ago.

You had the nazzi ideology based on eugenics. They classify the world into supermen, human and sub-humans (jews, gypsies, handicapped, political prisoners which were meant to be vaporized). In the nazzis the supermen were themselves who were descendants of Gods, and that gives them the power to enslave others. That ideology never went away. It actually resurfaced. This time we are all jews. The hyriarchy here is not based on religion or identity, but their deranged belief that they devolved into a higher level of consiousness, and they understand and are enlightened about nature and human condition, and they are custodians of the planet, and therefore its their responsibility to make sure the planet has solvency. Ted turner and Prince Philip thought like this too. This is a very common mindset of many, many people. 

The moral degradation of society begins with the degradation of the individual, and vice versa. We the society, for the past 50 years made some very, very bad choices. We defiled gender roles. If Biden would have his way, my 4 year old daughter would be sharing a bathroom with a 30 year old man who is a woman. Marriage is destroyed. The unborn are being masacred. In the bible there were 2 cities that were destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah, and it wasn’t because of the imorality. It’s because they codified imorality into the law of the land. That’s exactly what is happening in the US today.  

We devolved where we worship the god of science, the god of technology, the god of money, the god of power, anything but God. And we are clearly practicing child sacrifice.  For every 1 child that dies of covid, 100 die of the vaccine. Vaccines are 100 times more leathal for children, than covid. This is child sacrifice. 

We are in the generation of flood. The house is going to get cleaned. And each individual is given a choice. To get on the Arc or not. Or to make it more simple. Who do you bow down to? To your creator or to corrupt sociopaths, oligarchs, and corrupt governments. At this point nobody is holding you down to put a needle into your arm. The majority of people want to travel by plane, they don’t want to loose their job, they want to go to school, etc.

In a normal society the parents sacrifice for the well-being of the children. In pagan societies we sacrifice the children for the adults. So we need large-scale organized civil disobedience and non-compliance. They can’t imprison everyone, they can’t fire everyone, they can’t expel everyone, and they can’t lock down everyone. There is much more of us than them.  

All we need to do is to coalesce with like-minded people. Take your childen out of schools. We need to create an alternate society, do commerse with ourselves, create an alternate block chain system that is decentralized that will allow for people that do not want to be tagged with a digital ID, to transact with each other. 

Australia has quarantine camps, people are being beaten on the street for smoking a cigarette without a mask. The only reason why in America this doesn’t happen it’s because there are 415 million guns to the hands of law abiding citizens. I hope there is a non-violent resolution to this. It’s becoming more and more obvious that this was never about covid. It’s always has been about creating a New World Order. To build back better a society run by sociopaths and the rest of us as slaves. Once that realisation reaches a threshold of people, countries are going to fall like dominoes.  Whatever happened to Sadam Hussein, Cadafi, Moussolini, and Nazzis, once decent people win back their freedom that’s what will happen to the orchistrators of the covid fraud. 

So the question is are we, our generation, ready to pay the price to save our children.