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Fried meat balls (κεφτεδακια τηγανιτα)

Complete home study program in Greek cuisine, recipe for Fried meat balls (κεφτεδακια τηγανιτα) from homecook at


Beef benefits

  • Good source of protein
  • Good source of vitamin A
  • Good source of vitamin D
  • Good source of iron
  • Good source of selenium
  • Good source of zinc


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Tips & tricks

Knead the meat mixture just enough to incorporate all the ingredients. The longer you kned minced meat the tougher it will be.

These meatballs go amazingly well just with plain unsalted tomatoes.

Recipe directions

  • Place the minced meat in a large bowl or any other container and add all ingredients specified in the recipe all at once.
  • Knead mixture just enough to incorporate all ingredients together.
  • Spread some flour into a large plate, cover each  meatball with flour, and fry in a pan at medium heat, as shown next.
  • After a minute or so, you may begin to rotate the meatballs.
  • Once meat balls are done, transfer onto a paper towel to absorb any excess oil.
  • These meat balls can be eaten hot or cold.

If this Greek recipe is of interest to you, you may watch our video with step by step instructions and precise ingredient amounts; How to make fried meat balls (κεφτεδακια τηγανιτα), Greek cuisine


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