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About Us

Welcome to We are really passionate about learning a trade from the comfort of your home reducing all unnecessary expenses to a minimum. No time wasted in traffic and no money spent on gaz, polluting our environment.

Our mission is to give an individual the opportunity to learn a new trade while working full time. If you love what you learned you may use it to supplement your income.

What we offer here at are;

1. Complete Hairdressing Training Online Course (currently FREE on YouTube)

2. Complete Pastry Training Online Course ( in progress)

3. Complete Web design Training Online Course (in progress)

4. Complete Greek cuisine Training Online Course (will be FREE on YouTube)

5. Online shopping of necessity items only (coming soon)

Feel free to contact us for any further information.

We are located in Montreal, Quebec, Canada

You can contact us any time through our site ( at anytime, 24/7.
If you wish to call us please dial 514-270-7628 (Montreal, Quebec, Canada)
To get more info on our courses go through the accordion tabs that you see in this page.
Our salon, is situated in the center of Montreal (Quebec). Since time is extremely valuable to all, we only accept customers (new or old) by appointment. No waiting time at all (98% of the time).

Our hairdresser has over 35 years experience. Schedule and appointment and if you want to test her skills by all means bring a photo of the look you wish to achieve, and the end result will be identical to the photo. Satisfaction guaranteed.
You will be able to purchase necessity items from our site. Will have more info for you once we are setup.

What we offer

Our Hairdressing Course
What we are known worldwide, is for our online hairdressing training course.
The course will be available soon at to the public through various membership options. Our hairdressing course was available at It will now be transferred to this site, where all the videos can be viewed in Desktop PC, Tablet or smart phone.