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FAQs Hairdressing

Will I make a descent salary as a hairdressing apprentice after completing your course?
Keep your full time job during and after completing our home study program. After having opened a registered company, practice hairdressing for a 3-5 year period (by practicing all hairdressing tasks on family members and close friends for minimal fees). Remember, you have your steady full time job. This is hard work, but after a 3-5 year period you will be having your own clientele, so you will be able to make lot of money as a hairdresser (with clientele) by either working in a hairdressing salon, or by opening your own salon. To have full control of your destiny, I would advise you to open up your own salon instead of working for somebody else. Just take the time to really master all our lessons. In Hairdressing a diploma will not do much for you.

It's what you can do with your hands that will get you a descent salary. You also have the option to keep your current full time job and practice hairdressing in the weekends or after work, for extra cash. Who said life is easy? If you have will power, that's what you got to do. It's all up to you!