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Most popular Greek cheeses

  • Feta cheese
  • Kaseri cheese
  • Kefalotiri cheese
  • Migithra cheese
  • Graviera cheese
  • Kefalograviera cheese

  • FETA CHEESE (Φέτα)

    Feta cheese is the most popular soft cheese of Greece. It’s made of whole sheep's milk. It is ripened and preserved in brine. It’s available in Greek supermarkets and almost anywhere else. Make sure you ask for Greek Feta because there are a lot of variations which do not give you the authentic taste of feta. When purchasing feta, place feta in a plastic container, fill with brine (must ask for the brine when purchasing feta –available in greek supermarkets), and refrigerate. Feta cheese is white in color and has small holes and has a crumbly texture.

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    KASERI CHEESE (Κασέρι)

    Kasseri (Greek Κασέρι) is a medium-soft yellowish cheese made with sheep and goat milk. It is a soft textured, chewy cheese that has a tangy taste. May be used to make Saganaki (a greek cheese appetizer). Kasseri is eaten alone, with bread or as an accompagnment to certain greek dishes.

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    KEFALOTIRI CHEESE (Κεφαλοτύρι)

    In Greece Kefalotiri is quite popular and it is made with sheep and/or goat's milk. It has a distinctive mild, salty flavor. These milks have a distinctive tangy flavor which mellows as the cheese ages. Kefalotiri can be served as a cheese appetiser but it is usually gratted and sprinkled on spaggetti. It's ideal for grating and frying. Kefalotiri is the equivalent of Romano cheese and it can be intermixed with Romano cheese.

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    Myzithra is a whey cheese. You can either purchase myzithra as a hard salty cheese (gratted for spaggetti or pasta dishes and some vegetable casserole dishes) or as a unsalted soft cheese that has a pungent aroma and really mild flavor. With its mild pleasant or delicious taste, it can be enjoyed all on its own.

    We have tasted Myzithra in a small village is Greece that tasted like the best romano cheese that I ever tasted.

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    GRAVIERA CHEESE (Γραβιέρα)

    Graviera is one of the most popular cheeses. It is originally from the island of in Crete. It has a light yellow color, and has a slightly sweet and nutty taste. It is ideal as table cheese, but can also be gratted (pasta dishes) and melted (for certain dishes). It’s made with sheep milk and/or goat milk. Graviera has less salt the Kefalograviera.

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    KEFALOGRAVIERA CHEESE (Κεφαλογραβιέρα)

    Kefalograviera cheese is salty and is somewhere in between between kefalotyri (saltiest) and graviera (least salty). It is made from sheep's milk. Can be used as
    a table cheese or appetizer (meze), or may be used to make saganaki. The best kefalograviera to get (to our taste) is from Krisstali (from Montreal) which is not as salty.

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