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Our goal is to get over 10 million Canadians to come together nation-wide. We need the street army to be ready to fight and protect our rights and liberties. The street army that we are trying to build is you and me, the little people on the street, hence the slogan; UNITE THE STREET. Once we have the numbers we then can engage in large-scale civil disobedience and non-compliance. Our voice will be loud and the government will have but no choice to comply to our demands.

I have already purchased domain, in case we end up using it just for our slogan. It is not yet confirmed if this will be our communication hub. Currently working on uniting all small groups from the Montreal, Laval and south shore areas, into one large group. We are working on creating a communication network to achieve better coordination of our efforts all thoughout Canada. 

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(video excerpt from $Vigilante)

This is how the idea came from Ian Bell to Unite The Street!!

Not even Maxime Bernier of the PPC, which supposedly is on our side, did not come and say hello to Ian Bell doing the one-man protest in Parliament hill between October 04 to October 18, 2021. Maxime Bernier was walking near by, and I (the one that was supporting Ian's mission) ran to him just to ask him, if he was aware of the one-man 2-week protest on Parliament hill. He replied 'Yes i know'. However, he never bothered to come and say hello to Ian Bell, even after having gone without food and water for 5 days. Unfortunately no politician is on our side.
We can only count on us, the little people on the street.
When we unite we will be unstoppable!! 


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For more information on uniting the street go to;

As of Oct 13, 2021


Ian Bell One-man-protest from Oct 04 to Oct 18 in front of parliament hill in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada



Ian Bell -Unite the street!!! (street corner protests)


Ian Bell One-man-protest from Oct 04 to Oct 18 in front of parliament in Ottawa, Canada -day 2 without food and water


Street corner daily protests in Laval

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My one man protest on Parliament Hill
(from Oct 4 - Oct 18, 2021)

This is what heroes do!!!


For the complete heroic story of this individual, follow the link below to go directly to his website;

Please download the pdf  from his website and sent it to your elected federal representative. 
If this person is willing to give up his life for every single citizen of Canada, that's the least we can do.

How to contact your MP
Sending email to your MP


My one man protest on Parliament Hill

I am holding a one-man protest on Parliament Hill in Ottawa against the fraudulent covid emergency health measures.  My protest will be held during open hours on the Parliament Hill, from October 4 to October 18, 2021

I am making two demands of the federal government.  Both demands are more than reasonable and can be readily fulfilled should the government choose to do so. If either demand is fulfilled then I will immediately terminate my protest and leave the Parliament Hill.  My first demand is that the federal government produce its records that prove the alleged virus Sars-Cov-2 and the alleged disease Covid-19 are real and actually exist.  My second demand is for the federal government to acknowledge it has no proof that the alleged virus and allege disease exist. 

The document shown below, at the end of this post, provides details of my protest. This document can be downloaded and sent to your elected federal representative.

As explained in this document, I will only have enough food and water for the first week of my protest.  I will be forced to sleep on the streets of Ottawa.  If the federal government ignores my demands then I will not survive the second week of my protest, I will die.  A copy of this document has been sent by courier to the main federal political parties (i.e. Bloc Quebecois, Conservatives, Greens, Liberals, NDP and PPC), a week before my protest starts.  These parties will have no excuse to say they were unaware of my protest.

I am demanding the federal government produce specific records about the science on which it is using to justify the covid emergency health measure.   I am challenging the federal government and stating it has no credible scientific data.  With my protest, I am saying the federal government is bluffing and that I am calling its bluff. 

For 18 months, we, the little man and woman on the street, have been left to speculate on the science, or lack thereof, that our governments have based the emergency health measures.  We must force all of our governments to publicly reveal their hand, to commit to the actual science alleged to justify the emergency health measures. My protest is against the federal government.  Provincial governments must also be forced to commit themselves and show their hand.

Our governments are forcing us to choose between the dangerous experimental injections and our jobs; this is extortion and a serious offence under Canadian criminal code.  Our governments have created a two tier society where segregation documents, euphemistically referred to as vaccine passports, dictate who is ostracized from society; this is repugnant and depraved.

The elite criminals, those euphemistically referred to as the global elite, are waging a war against us, the little man and woman in the street.  These elite criminals and their puppets, our leading politicians and health authorities, are using the covid fraud as cover to implement Technocracy and Transhumanism.  We have been on the defensive since January of 2020, always reacting and always several steps behind ever changing government policy.  This must stop.  My protest is an initiative to take the offensive in our fight against the fraudulent emergency health measures.  We must know the science, or lack thereof, that our governments are using to justify the fraudulent emergency health measures. 

If you find merit in my protest then here is what I am asking of you.  Widespread coverage of my protest across Canada will increase the pressure on the Federal Government to comply and fulfill my demands.  I am asking each of you to post about my protest on all of your social media accounts and websites.  I am asking you to contact your elected members of parliament, have them recognize my demands go well beyond reasonable and then, in turn, for them to pressure the federal government to fulfill my demands.  All you need do is state you are supporting my protest and download and send a copy of my document (i.e. the PDF file named My One-Man Protest on Parliament Hill.pdf) to your member of parliament.  To find your member of parliament, enter your postal code on this governments website

We are fighting for our constitutional rights, our inalienable rights, our civil liberties and our freedom!  The street must unite across Canada and fight as one.  Although I am required to wage this one-man protest alone on the Parliament Hill, I nevertheless need the roar of your voices from the street to thunder through the halls of our Parliament Buildings.  Stand with me, even while you remain in your homes across Canada.

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We unequivocally support our passengers’ and colleagues’ rights and freedoms, and their freedom to fly. We oppose the dangerous and rapid trajectory being taken by corporations, academia and government, asserting ultimatums into the totality of life, including matters of inherently private choice. History speaks to the fearful places this leads.

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