V1L1 - Women's straight cut

Course outline

All you need to know in order to open up your own hairdressing salon;

VOLUME I –Women’s cuts

        V1L1 -Straight cut
        V1L2 -Layered cut (layers in front only)
        V1L3 -Layered cut (layers at bottom only)
        V1L4 -Layered cut (layers all over)
        V1L5 - Basic cut
        V1L6 - Wedge cut

VOLUME II –Women’s sets

        V2L1 - Rollers (Placement, removal and finishing)
        V2L2 - BLOWDRY – inwards
        V2L3 - BLOWDRY –partially outwards)
        V2L4 - BLOWDRY – How to blowdry a basic cut
        V2L5 - BLOWDRY – Wedge cut
        V2L6 - BLOWDRY – Wispy cut
        V2L7 - BLOWDRY –All outwards

VOLUME III –Men’s cuts

        V3L1 - Men’s layered cut
        V3L2 - Men’s basic cut         
        V3L3 - Men’s basic cut with clipper only)


        V4L5 - Women's basic cut - LIVE
        V4L7 - Womens' rollers (Placement, removal and finishing) - LIVE
        V4L6 and 11 - Womens' wedge cut and set - LIVE
        V4L10b - BLOWDRY a basic cut –Sides pinned up -LIVE
        V4L15 - Men’s basic cut -LIVE

VOLUME V –Chemical services

        V5L1 - Perms
        V5L2 - Streaks (cap)
        V5L3a - Streaks (foil) method 1
        V5L3b - Streaks (foil) method 2
        V5L3c - Streaks (foil) method 3
        V5L3d - Streaks (foil) method 4
        V5L4 - Chemical straightener         
        V5L5 - Coloring