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Most recent lies coming from mainstream media:


Lie #7 Mainstream media is reporting that the unvaccinated are filling up the hospitals with covid. The important info that they are omitting is that If the patient received the vax less than 14 days prior, they are recorded as "Un-Vaxxed". The story the nurses are being given, is that this is done because the vax takes 14 days to start working.

Most patients coming in with what appears to be vaccine injuries are coming in within 72 hours of receiving the jab. By recording these patients as "Un-Vaxxed" they can do a few things:

1) they can claim those vax injuries are a result of Covid & not the shot
2) they can bury the vaccine injury
3) they get to claim there's a "pandemic of the unvaccinated"

It also turns out that nurses are being required to sign nondisclosure agreements, promising not to publicly discuss any procedures dealing with #CV19

Lie #6 FREEDOM FIGHTERS are called “Loud foul-mouthed protestors trying to disrupt the campaign” from the Mainstream media. Click on this link to watch the video, and you tell us if families that are fighting for their freedom should be referred to as 'Loud foul-mouthed protestors'. What the protesters are showing is discust against the Trudeau government. 

Lie #5 -Sept 02, 2021

Mutsumi Takahashi from CTV News and the idiot doctor thats speaks often, mentioned that the drug that has been used for live stock, namely Invermectin, is not effective and can cause gastrointestinal toxicity. A question for the dumb ass doctor? Do you know the side effects of getting an mrna vaccine? Death  is one of the side effects!  STOP LYING TO THE PEOPLE!!! All sensored doctors have proof that invermectin used with other over the counter drugs is very effective against covid19
Australian Senator Malcolm Roberts On Ivermectin Suppression

Lie #4 -Sept 02, 2021

The nieve people that are protesting for the climate change, think that they are protesting about saving our planet, while the globalists have another agenda, and they use the climate change lie to continue with their agenda? What is the globalists agenda? To gradually take away the cars from the people, to have more control over them. Do you think the fires in Greece were because the planet is heating up? The fires were deliberate in order to bring starvation to Greece, again to control the people to agree to the New World Order. 

Lie #3 -Sept 01, 2021

The mainstream media just mentioned that the drug Ivermectin is very dangerous to humans. The sensored doctors are recommending invermectin among other drugs that cure covid19. Why is the mainstream media hiding the drugs that are curing covid within a few days? Why are the politicians supporting the same lie as the mainstream media/ 


Lie #2 -August 30, 2021

The mainstream media just mentioned that the unvaccinated are getting sick and filling the hospitals
If it is true that the unvaccinated are filling the hospitals, it is NOT because they are unvaccinated, but, as all the sensored doctors on the internet are saying that the vaccinated are shedding a deadlier virus onto the unvaccinated.  


Lie #1 -August 14, 2021

Quebec Premier François Legault, is refusing to hold a debate in the legislature on vaccine passports partly because he said he fears Quebecers would be exposed to conspiracy theories. 


 Quebec Premier François Legault, is refusing to hold a debate because he has no chance of winning an open debate against all the sensored doctors. By conspiracy theory he means the TRUTH. If the truth will come out, all the politicians will get the DEATH PENALTY, because they have violated every single law from the Nuremburg code.