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Men's layered cut


A Hairdresser’s Guide to Advice Male Clients on Hair Care

Women are most likely aware of various hair care routines since they are conscious about their physical appeal. Men on the other hand, do not know much about the key factors that affect hair, and they mostly end up with hair damage or bad hairstyles even while trying to sport good hair. They are mostly puzzled when they realize that a woman’s hair of that length looks better. Here is a hairdresser’s guide to advice men on hair care.

Good hair care routine

It is acceptable for men to be metrosexual, as it only helps in taking care of their body. Highlight the importance of following a strict hair care routine involving good-quality hair products. They should wash their hair at least three times a week with a shampoo that suits their hair type and follow-up with conditioning. Explain the concept of deep conditioning that has to be performed once in two weeks, to nourish the hair and scalp. Also, tell them about using heat-protectant products before styling their hair with blow dryers, straighteners, and other heat-styling products. Men need to know the damage that could be caused to hair, by heat exposure and excessive washing.

Proper methods of brushing

With an arsenal of combs and brushes in the market, men are obviously going to be confused about the purpose of these products. Combs are used on wet hair while brushes are used on dry hair. They would also need to know not to brush their hair when they are just out of the shower as hair is very weak at this time, and can be damaged easily. A wide-toothed comb is used for detangling hair, while a paddle brush can be used for brushing the hair every morning and night. A tip for healthy hair is to brush the ends first and then turn the focus to the roots. This way your customers will avoid developing split ends from the mechanical stress applied to hair, while combing.

Cut hair every three months

There are men who prefer having short hair, and prefer to go to the salon to get a haircut every few weeks. However, men who prefer long hair do not go to the salon for months on end. When they finally do come to you, stress on the importance of trimming hair and getting rid of split-ends every few months. As they do not maintain their hair very well, their hair tends to dry up, break, and fall. Advise them to get stylish haircuts and experiment with their hair as a part of maintaining it well. Layered cuts suit all face shapes and hair types. You can give them a cut that enhances their facial features and one that is easy to manage.If this lesson is of interest to you, for more details (step-by-step instructions), please watch video lesson; Men's layered cut (V3L1)Watch the step-by-step video tutorials to learn hairdressing at home at your own pace and time, through our online hairdressing training course.