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Artichokes with carrots

Greek cuisine recipe for artichokes with carrots

Benefits of artichokes

  • Rich in potasium
  • Low in calories
  • May protect against skin cancer
  • Restores the flow of bile from gallbladder
  • Protects the liver from hepatitis infections
  • Relieve constipation

Tips & tricks

Although this might seem like a very simple dish, it is amazingly delicious and extremely easy to make.

The hardest part of this meal is to find the best artichokes. The peak season for artichokes is March through May. Choose an artichoke that has a healthy green color and has tight leaves. Choose a small or medium-sized artichoke that is heavy for its size, because the large ones have tougher leaves.

To test an artichoke for freshness, bend a leaf. If it bends but doesn't break, the artichoke may be no good.

Recipe directions

    • Turn heat on to medium.
    • Add the olive oil, onions, carrots, salt & pepper. Do not preheat the pot or the olive oil, due to its low smoking point.
    • Mix the flour with the lemon juice and some of the chicken stock, set aside for now.
    • After about 10 minutes add the garlic, and sauté for about one minute more.
    • Add the artichokes and the dill.
    • Lower the temperature to low for a slow simmer, and place cover on.
    • At this point, add the flour mixture and the chicken stock.
    • From this point on, stir occasionally scraping the bottom of the pot, to make sure the flour does not settle and burn at the bottom.
    • Test the artichokes for doneness using a fork.
    • If the fork comes out easy from the artichoke, then the artichokes are done.

If this Greek recipe is of interest to you, you may watch our video with step by step instructions and precise ingredient amounts; Artichokes with carrots (Αγκινάρες με καρότα) video

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