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Rollers (Placement, removal and finishing) – LIVE


Types of Hair Rollers

Rollers are a good way to get wavy and curly hair. These products are quite effective and can be used yourself at home, or in a salon under a professional's care. Hair rollers are very common, and there are different types of hair rollers available in the market. This can confuse you what to buy for your particular hair. The following parts describe the major types of hair rollers available in the market, and where to use them.

Velcro rollers

These rollers don't need different clips to remain in place. Their primary usage is for fine or short hair, as the longer hair tends to be heavier and pulls down on the rollers and removes them from the hair. When using these rollers for long hair, you should use clips to hold it in place. When used correctly, Velcro rollers won't damage your hair. Don't tear them off from the hair, but gently unroll them until it releases all the hair.

Heated rollers

These rollers are perfect for getting quick fixes whenever you need them. You have to simply plug in, wait till the rollers get heated, and roll them onto your hair. Wait for as long as the instructions say, and then remove them. Also, remove the heated rollers as soon as they can get entangled when cold. Consider going for the steam roller one as they are better for the hair, though it can take long time for heating. These rollers have various curler sizes, and you can choose your curl type that you want.

Magnetic rollers

These rollers work by sticking to damp hair and then working with it so as to accentuate the natural waves and curls in your hair. You don't have to use styling sprays while using the magnetic rollers, though you need to completely dry your hair using the rollers if you want the desired style to come through. The whole process may take time and isn't meant for quick fixes.

Foam rollers

These rollers are best used for dry hair. There are various sizes to choose from so that you get the curls you desire. You should leave them on your hair for a few hours. You get a bouncy curl by rolling the hair, sleeping off, and unwinding the rollers next morning.

Rollers are very effective when used correctly. If you have the time and some experience with this, you can easily do it at home or you can even consider to learn hairdressing online. But it is advisable to get professional stylist's opinion also.

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