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Rollers – placement, removal, and finishing


Simple Techniques for Styling with Rollers

Rollers are one of the oldest used hairstyling tools that produce gorgeous curls on hairs of any type. Any woman who adores soft curls or waves will know the bounce and volume added by rollers. Using rollers is fairly easy, but it can go horribly wrong if you are not familiar with the techniques involved. Hair rollers can be used to produce signature styles like Madonna’s soft locks or smooth natural waves. They can even be used to create historical styles from the Greek, Victorian, and pre-World War eras.

Things that can go wrong with rollers

If not placed or removed properly, rollers can lead to hair mishaps. The angles of placement, method of brushing the hair, and removal of the rollers can have a great impact on the type of curls produced. Hair products that are not heat-stable can cause great damage while using heat for styling with rollers. Be careful while using rollers on your customers and learn the correct procedure through step-by-step video tutorials.

Things to know before placing rollers

  • Velcro rollers are a great option for heat styling and for smooth hair. They do not heat up while styling and also reduce the chances of your hair getting tangled.
  • Large rollers are perfect for soft and big waves while small rollers will produce smaller and tight curls.
  • Thick hair has to be divided into many sections that would have to be rolled up individually to create the desired effect.
  • For a long-lasting curl, wash the hair and apply a styling product before placing the rollers.
  • For extremely straight hair, use hair products that add volume and avoid the conditioner. This will help the hair grip the rollers and bend easily while heat styling.
  • If the curls are lost soon after the styling procedure, place the rollers while the hair is completely dry, and apply heat.
  • You could apply hairspray after the rollers are placed to ensure that the curls hold when the rollers are removed.
  • Do not roll a section of hair that is wider than the roller. Your hair will take a long time to dry and set.
  • If you are using bobby pins to fix the rollers, insert a tissue between the pin and the hair. This will ensure that there are no dents caused by the pin on the hair.
  • Let there be a lot of tension while rolling the hair. If the roller is placed tightly, the curls will have extra lift and hold.

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