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How to do streaks, using cap


How to Put Streaks Using an Applicator Cap

Streaking hair with a particular color involves quite a few steps, including bleaching the hair and adding colorful stripes to your hair. There are a few different methods that you could use to add colored stripes to your hair. Highlighting is one of the methods and it adds two shades of color. The hair is bleached out and two different colors are added, which blend together after the hair has dried off. Another method that is used is called streaking and it involves coloring larger areas in the hair that look like bands. This method also requires the hair to be bleached out, but streaks are often placed on only one side. They can also be wide or narrow bands, and can have more than one color.

The process

The first step to this method is to gather all the equipment you need. This involves hair color, bleaching products, streaking cap, and other accessories you require for application. Once you are have prepared yourself and settled down in front of a mirror, put the streaking cap over dry hair. Then, slowly and carefully pull up small bunches of hair through the holes provided in the cap. The hair strands have to be pulled up as far as the roots and a crotchet hook should be used to do this. As you use more holes in the cap, you will be able to treat and streak more hairs.

After you have pulled out all the strands you want to streak, brush the bleaching product onto the hair strands that you have pulled out for streaking. Ensure that you do not allow the color to build up at the roots of the hair by using a small brush. If this application is done incorrectly, it could result in a spotted effect after you have taken the cap off. Read the labels on the product packaging to understand how much time has been specified for the amount of lightness you want to have in your streaks.

Once the prescribed time is up, wash and rinse your hair to ensure that all of the solution has been removed from the hair. Pat the hair dry, apply color, and leave it for the required amount of time. Rinse thoroughly before you take the streaking cap off. While taking the cap off, make use of a light conditioner covering on the streaked hair. This conditioner will help remove the cap easily.

You can also buy streaking kits containing everything you require, including bleach. Some kits also have the cap and the brush. And if you are looking to learn more about such techniques and hairdressing training women's cuts, enroll in our hairdressing program.

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