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Streaks, using foil, method 1


How to Put Streaks on Your Hair Using Foil

Adding a few colored streaks to your hair involves a number of steps. This includes hair bleaching and also hair coloring with your preferred color. To add colored stripes to your hair, you can try a method called highlighting which allows you to add two or more shades of a color. This involves bleaching the hair and then carefully adding the colors. A method known as streaking is also used on hairs. This involves coloring larger areas of your hair to give it the shape of bands.

The process

The first step in this procedure is to visit a beauty store. Purchase the foil strips that are used for coloring, along with the hair color, bleaching products, and other accessories like brushes and combs that are required for application. When selecting a streaking brush, choose one that suits the size of the streaks you are planning on applying. Also, decide where you want to apply the streaks and how many you need.

Once you are ready and have settled in front of a mirror, prepare the products that you are going to apply on your hair. Pull out the strands of hair where you are going to apply the streak and hold them away from the rest of your hair. Then dip the brush in the bleaching product and brush it onto your hair. Make sure that the product is applied only on the strands of hair that you want to apply the streak to.

Once you have brushed the product evenly onto all the hair strands as required, place the foil over the hair and fold it flat onto the hair. Set the timer according to the directions based on your required lightness. When the required time is up, wash the strips of hair that you have bleached and pat them dry. Once it is completely dry, add the color to the bleached strands, place the foils over the strands and leave it on for the prescribed amount of time. At the end of the required time, remove the foils very carefully and wash your hair thoroughly to remove all the products and dry them. You can combine products from different brands or buy a streaking kit that comes with everything required.

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