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Streaks, using foil, method 4


Highlight Your Client’s Best Features with Streaks

Symmetry, uniformity, and regular hairstyles are clichéd in the beauty industry. Those with straight cuts or dark hair just seem like plain Jane. Any woman looks for opportunities or refreshing styles that can help her grab the spotlight, or bring back that twinkle in her man’s eye. You can give clients a simple makeover with streaks that can turn heads all along the way.

Blend streaks to set a natural tone

Single shaded streaks often give away the fact that a woman has gotten highlights. Streaks in different shades often make the highlights look natural as a result of spending a lot of time in the sun. Many hair color brands offer products that come with a range of shades that are well-balanced to produce the natural highlight effect. Use these products and shades that are closer to the hair color of your client for best results.

Beach blonde highlights

Highlights are usually produced from bleached hair. You need not expose the entire hair to bleach and can manipulate the color tone by controlling the degree of bleaching the strands. Highlights usually produce the effect of a beach vacation. You can just paint the hair with bleach using a brush and blend it in. This will avoid any radical color changes, making the color variation and shades look natural.

Deep dark lowlights

Those with lighter hair can add more definition and depth by getting lowlights. Similar to highlights, a darker coloring agent is painted using a brush on the hair strands to blend the colors and produce a natural look. Initially, lowlights were used to cover grey hair but now, it is popular for improving visual appeal of the hair by making it seem denser and shinier.

Multi-shaded streaks

Summer or a vacation at the beach usually has women sporting lighter covering hair with varying shades. The tonal difference can be achieved artificially with multi-shaded colors that produce tone-in-tone streaks. You can paint different patches of the covering hair with different shades of a pigment so that the overall effect is harmonious and visually appealing. Multi-shaded streaks look very natural and are quite trendy.

Bright colored streaks

Dark or light hair, women love to do something radical once in a while. Bleaching a few hair strands and applying glowing funky streaks in red, pink, yellow, blue, green, or other such colors is a great makeover. Women with darker hair prefer red and similar shaded streaks while they can also choose to experiment with any color if they are feeling a little adventurous.

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