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The Signs of Times
(excerpts from Saint Paisios, Volume II)

Even the fasteners sown on clothes are sold in packages that bear the number 666. This number has been on credit cards for some time. Many use the 666 as a trademark to sell more of their products. One supports the other. In other words, on 666 company will prefer another 666 company. It has been written that when the depiction of a snake biting its tail is published, this will mean that the Jews have taken control of the world.

For the Jews the number 666 is a symbol of economy. As mentioned in the Old testament, the Israelites imposed a specific tax upon the people they conquered through various wars. The annual amount of the tax was 666 talents of gold. Now, to subdue the whole world, they are again imposing this taxation number, which is connected with their glorious past. That’s why they don’t want to replace it with another number. In other words, the number 666 is the symbol of Mammon. The Gospel says it clearly: “you cannot serve God and Mammon”.

Now a vaccine has been developed to combat a new disease, chich will be obligatory and those taking it will be marked. Later on anyone who is not marked with the mumber 666 will not be able to either buy or sell, to get a loan, to get a job, and so forth. My thinking tells me that this is the system through which the Antichrist has chosen to take over the whole world, and people who are not part of this system won’t be able to find work and so on. In other words everyone he will take over through an economic system that controls the global economy, and only those who have accepted the seal, the mark of the number 666, will be able to participate in business dealings.

But what will become of the people who are sealed?
People who are marked will attract the rays of the sun and suffer such harm that they will gnaw their tongues in pain. Those who are not sealed will have a better fate than the others, because Christ will help those who are not sealed.
In Brussels, there is an entire building with the 666, where they house the computer. That computer can monitor billions of people – the entire population of the world. Confession for everyone at a push of a button. We the Orthodox Christians, resist these developments because we do not want the Antichrist nor the dictarorship of course.

The ID card is not the seal. It’s the introduction to the seal. The church must take the correct position. She must speak out and explain to the faithful so that they will  understand that, if they accept the new ID, it will amount to a spiritual fall. The church must also ask the state to at least not make the new ID cards obligarory. By the time the new ID cards come out, it is entirely possible that we may have the wrath of God upon us.

After the credit card and the ID card, that is, after the personal ‘record’ of each person, they will proceed isidiously to the seal. Through various cunning means, they will compel people to accept the seal on the forehead or on the arm. They will force the issue and say, “You can only use the card; currency will be abolished.” People willl give their card to the stores to buy what they need, and the merchant will get his money from the bank. Whoever does not have a card will not be able to buy or sell. On the other hand, they will begin promoting “the other more perfect system” by marking every person with the 666, using laser beams on the forehead or the arm, which will not be visible on the outside. At the same time, they will show on television that so and so stole the card of so and so and took all his money from the bank. And then they will add, “The most secure system is to have the seal on our forehead or arm with a laser beam, because only the bearer of this seal will know his or her own personal number. Sealing is the most secure system. No one can take our head or our arm, nor will anobody be able to see the seal embedded in us”.

The 3 ½ years will be difficult, during which the few who do not agree with this system will endure hardships. Some excuse will be discovered to throw these people in jail. After a year, they will be taken to another city for questioning and more legal proceedings, going from one city to another. Finally the authorities will say, “We’re sorry, you are innocent after all. If only you had been sealed, we would have been able to gather the necessary information in a minute.

They are too refined to impose the seal on everybody by force. They won’t torture people but anyone who is not sealed will simply not be able to live normally in society. So if you can now learn to live simply and frugally, you will be albe to get through those difficult years. It will be helpful to have a small field, to cultivate some wheat or potatoes; to have a few olive trees, and then with some farm animals, a goat, a few chickens you will be able to provide for the needs of your family. For even if you were to stockpile various groceries, this would not do because such foods do not keep; they spoil quickly.

Now it will be a passing storm, a short occupation by the Antichrist Satan. He will then be given such a slap by Christ, all the nations will be shaken up and then peace will prevail in the world for a long time. During this time, Christ will provide the opportunity for His creation to be saved. Christ will appear when mankind has reached an impasse and will save it from the clutches of the Antichrist. My thinking tells me that this will not be the Second Coming of Christ when He comes as Judge, but only an intervention of Christ, for there are so many events that have not taken place. Christ will intervene, slap down this whole system, prevails over all evil and transform it into good in the end. The roads will be filled with many shrines of denotion. The buses will have Icons on their billboards. All the people will believe, and will want you to tell them about Jesus Christ! Thus the Gospel will be proclaimed throughout the whole world, and then Christ will come as Judge to judge the world. Judgment is one thing and intervention to help His creation is another.

Unfortunately, one hears so many foolish ideas of the brain from certain “Gnostic” of the day. One says, “I will accept the ID card with the number 666 and will place a cross on it”. Another says, “I will accept the seal on the forehead but will put a cross on my forehead as well” and so many other similar foolish notions. A Bishop told me ‘Next to the spot where I will sign my name, I will also put the sign of the cross. I am not denying Christ, I am only trying to serve my needs”. I (Saint Paisios) told him “ you being a bishop, it’s all right for you to sign your name with a cross, but what will the poor people do?”

What is unclean cannot be sanctified. Clean water is receptive of Grace and is sanctified. Urine cannot become holy water. A stone may be turned into bread through a miracle. But an unclean thing is not receptive of sanctification. As such, the devil, Antichrist, when he is on our ID card or on our forehead or our arm with his symbol, cannot be sanctified by placing a cross there.

If someone accepts the seal it will be out of indifference not ignorance. How can there be ignorance when things are so clear? When even out of ignorance someone receives the sign, he loses the divine Grace and receives the influence of demonic energy.