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(Explained from Revelation, Volume III / 978-0-9851915-4-2)

Many Antichrists have already come into the world. It is not only since the First Coming of Christ that the work of the Antichrist started, but from within Paradise itself. The first organ of the devil, is consequently a type of the Antichrist, is Cain, who killed Abel. What was the motive behind the killing? The devil, was aiming to negate the coming of the Messiah, who would have been a descendant of Abel. Therefore the devil instigates the murder of Abel by Cain, to negate the coming of the Messiah. The activity of the Antichrist started that far back!

The Antichrist will appear suddenly, rebel and reign. At the beginning of his reign (tyranny), he will appear as a man of righteousness, or holiness. He will be meek, loving, reserved, pious, peace loving and enemy of injustice, an enemy of bribery. He will not accept gifts. He will be against idolatry. He will say that he loves the Scripture. He will respect the priests and he will respect and honor the elderly. He will despise adultery. He will be against fornication and will practice self-control. He will be against slander, against oaths. He will be hospitable, merciful, kind to widows and a patron of orphans. He will love everyone. He will advise people who are at enmity to forgive and reconcile, telling them, ‘Don’t let the sun go down on your anger.’ He will not possess any gold. He will not love money and he will not amass wealth. He will be a beautiful man, truly extraordinary. If you add his miraculous power to this catalog of holiness, then you will understand the ease with which people will be deluded by the droves! Antichrist will be the most hypocritical of all saints – a saint of hypocrisy.

The one SIGN preceding the Second Coming of Christ is the appearance of the Antichrist. Christ will come immediately AFTER the Antichrist comes. If the antichrist does not come first, Christ will not come. So the time of the coming of the Antichrist is directly connected with the Second Coming of Christ, and since the Second Coming of Christ is unknown, the coming of the Antichrist also remains unknown.

According to the Fathers the Antichrist will be a Jew.

The name of the antichrist is not revealed anywhere, but only his number; 666

The Antichrist will be a human being born normally, from a woman, but through fornication. He is a human being. 

The Antichrist geographically will come from Galilee.

The Antichrist will govern the state of Israel, and he will be elevated to world ruler.

The Antichrist will govern not only the Jews, but the entire world.

The Antichrist will perform many false miracles.

The Antichrist will put the two prophets to death.

The Antichrist will eliminate every religion on earth.

The Antichrist will erect the temple of Solomon (in jerusalem). Antichrist will be successful in erecting the temple in no time at all.

The Antichrist will be all inclusive – the rich, the young, the poor, the slaves – in placing the seal of the Antichrist on everyone, regardless of gender, age or social status. No group of people will be excluded.
The number of his name corresponds to the numerical addition of the letters in his name based on the Greek alphabet. You will not be able to sell your product unless you have the mark of the Antichrist. This is a powerful trial, a powerful spiritual siege. The seal (or mark) will contain the name or the number of the name of the Antichrist. This seal or mark seems to be connected with the banking system.

Technology is directing its attention to designing an identity card, which will be indelibly imbedded, via laser beams, in the right hand or forehead of the consumer. Scanners in banks, stores, gas stations, and every place where currency is transacted will read the invisible code. This seal, mark or code will contain two numbers; one general number (666) and one specific (individual account number of the banking system).

When the world community and public officials see so many virtues, and witness his supernatural powers, they will all be of the same opinion and will convene to make him a king. In the beginning, when leadership is offered to the Antichrist, he will pretend modesty. He will say that he is not worthy but eventually he will accept. He will govern the state of Israel, and he will be elevated to world ruler. The culmination of the Antichrist’s impiety will be his self-deification. The Antichrist will eliminate every religion on earth, including idolatry, because he will not tolerate any one else being worshipped. He will demand that he alone must be worshipped.

The Antichrist in his tremendous arrogance will be convinced that he will rule the world eternally overlooking the act that he is the son of perdition. As he will destroy himself, he will also lead others to destruction.” At the highest point of his glory and success, Christ will come. Christ had said, “they will see the Son of man coming on the clouds of heaven.” At his ascension the angels had said that “the same way you saw Him ascending, in the same way He will return”. Then he will slay the Antichrist “with the breath of his mouth and destroy him” by the very appearance of His Second Coming.

Christ himself left behind a number of signs explaining exactly how the Second Coming of Christ will take place. Let’s focus on what the Lord said about the flood after His words about the day and the hour. Was the time of the great flood known or unknown? It was both known and unknown. The year was not unknown, at least to Noah. Even Noah, however, did not know the day and the hour. To the people outside, everything was totally unknown; they were oblivious. God commanded Noah to build the ark. It took Noah one hundred and twenty years to complete the ark. In those one hundred and twenty years, al the people saw Noah building an ark.
They had conversations with him: “Noah, what are you making?”
Noah: “An ark.”
“What are you going to do with this huge vessel on the land?”
Noah: “God will send a flood, and people will drown because they are very sinful. God told me to build this ark, so my family and I will be saved.”
Noah’s contemporaries were probably saying that Noah was getting old and had lost his mind; Noah was crazy! They did not believe themselves.
So, what were those 120 years that it took to construct the are ark? A 120-year sermon of repentance. When the 120 years were completed, Noah entered the ark and he took with him the pairs of animals as specified in Scripture. He prepared their feed and all his food supply, and when he was finished, the Lord told him to go inside and close the door. As he entered, the rain began. The year was not known to Noah. When he saw that the work was completed and the animal selection was done, then Noah knew that the flood was imminent. Interestingly enough, the Lord Himself, in referring to his Second Coming, also refers to this, “As we the days of Noah, so will be the coming of the Son of man" (Matthew 24:37). Based on all this, the faithful will have the capability to determine the general time. Thus the Lord calls upon us to study the signs of the times very carefully.

The faithful will have the capability to determine the general time.
The Lord says, “I will keep you. So, hold on to what you have” (are you Orthodox Christians?) “Behold I am coming quickly”.