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Women's basic cut –LIVE (V4L5)


Basic Hair Cut for Women

There are three basic types of hair for women – thin, thick, and curly. To get the best haircut, you need to consider the shape of your face, and choose something that can best compliment the texture of your hair. There are many cutting and styling options that a woman can choose when getting her hair done. The following points will help you in choosing the best haircut style for your face.

Consider the face shape and texture

Check what shape your face is and compare it with different hairstyles that are shown in magazines or online. This is a good way of having something to work upon. You can customize the look according to your face if you know what you're looking for, and are realistic with your expectations.

Everyone can classify their hair into the following categories – fine, wavy, oily, limp, stringy, thin, dry, curly, or coarse. If you sport stringy, thin hair which tend to go limp, then your hair may look fuller as it gets shorter. Curly-haired and coarse-haired women need to have their hair weighed down with the length. As you go shorter, your fluff and frizz factor goes higher. The same thing happens with the front bangs. If you're having coarse, curly hair, then the bangs invite frizziness. Straight hair may fall flatly, but to add volume you need to cut it in layers. Whatever the hair types, if it is damaged, get rid of it and let new hair grow.

Haircut for everyone

Having shoulder-length hair is universally one of the most flattering hairstyles on all women. Your face appears longer if you have long hair. Similarly, your face appears rounder if you have short hair, and this is even more dangerous if your hair is curly. But irrespective of the age, face shape, or size, shoulder-length hairstyles tend to look good on everyone.

You can also go for the “v-cut” for short hair at the sides and long hair around the back. The reason this cut works is that the length stays in the back side, without falling around your face. Chin-grazing layers and the lips at the side enhance the attractive allure.

There are many other options to choose from. These are the typical hairstyles that you can go for if you have the hair texture as explained before. You can always learn hairdressing online, through videos, or go to a professional hairstylist to get a more customized look for yourself.

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