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Women's blowdry - How to blowdry hair inwards


How Things Go Wrong While Blowdrying

Every woman tries to blowdry her hair either to dry it or to style it. If you are an aspiring hairdresser, then you might have noticed that there are many things that go wrong while blowdrying your hair. The usual problems are static buildup in hair or frizziness that ultimately leads to a bad hair day. You cannot get an apprenticeship in hairdressing if you make mistakes while blowdrying. So here is some information on things that usually go the wrong way while blowdrying and how you can avoid them.

Wrong brush, wrong styling

There are many kinds of brushes used for hairstyling and in blowdrying. Choosing the wrong brush can lead to damaging the hair and producing bad results. Metal brushes are bad choices for blowdrying hair. They heat up very fast and also cause heat damage to the hair strands. Use brushes that do not heat with ceramic plates and good bristles. You can learn about brushes used for different purposes through video tutorials on blow drying.

High heat and improper air flow in dryers

Each hair type is sensitive to varying temperatures. High heat is never good for styling hair. If you use a blow dryer that produces high air flow and high heat, you will end up damaging the hair and causing static buildup. It could also lead to frizziness and produce terrible results while styling. Overdried hair is extremely hard to work with, as there will not be free flow and natural movement to create the desired effect. Low heat and low air flow is the best way to achieve good results.

Extreme and negative tension

The most important part of blowdrying is creating tension in the hair to style it. If enough tension is not created, then the hair will become frizzy and have static buildup. On the other hand, if you pull the hair too much, you may end up yanking it out from the roots and paving the way to hair loss. It is alright if you work on the hair many times, but apply just the right amount of tension to get the desired effect.

Large sections do not bode well

Do not be in a hurry to finish styling. Perfect hairstyles through blowdrying can be achieved only if the hair is sectioned in tiny portions and styled carefully. So, blow-dry hair in small sections, depending on its thickness and density.

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