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Introduction to Women's layered cut, layers in front only


Experiment Wildly with Front Layered Cut and Earn Fame as a Hairstylist

A woman’s hair is her crowning glory and most treasured possession. Not all women would like to lose their long and beautiful mane but they do wish to experiment with it and style it to look more gorgeous. Layered cut is one the most popular hairstyles preferred by women in the world and it is one of the most important video lesson in volume 1. It looks great on all lengths of hair and on all hair types.

No snips at the back

A complete layered cut will mean losing the fabulous long hair as each layer is shortened. This would mean that the hair at the back will be of varying lengths and not long and straight as many ladies would prefer. A layered cut with layers just in the front is the perfect option for women who want to experiment with new styles but are not inclined to reduce the length of their hair at the back.

The best option for thin hair

When women with thin hair opt for a layered cut with layers all over, the style makes their hair look limp and flat. Instead, they can opt for layers in the front to add more volume, and transform their limp-looking hair into choppy styles that enhance their features. Straight and dry hair often looks stringy with a complete layer cut. However, when these women opt for layers in the front, the clingy front layers often bring volume to their mane, completely changing their look. Layer cut is more refreshing than normal blunt cut on thin hair since there are so many styles that can be offered through fringes and bangs.

Front layers for any face shape

We usually advise women to choose haircuts that suit the shape of their face. The beauty of front layers is that it can be styled to suit any shape of face. Fringes and bangs can be used to cover broad foreheads, or completely change a boring plain middle or side-parting hairstyle that women stick to for most part of their lives. Moreover, with streaks, asymmetric layers, and fringes, it is possible to jazz up front layers that turn heads when women walk down the street. You can learn to master front-layered cut with online hairdressing courses available at our website.

Easy styling for layered hair

A layered haircut does not need much styling. It is one of the hairstyles that look absolutely beautiful while set through straightening, blowdrying, curling, or worn as a wash-and-go style. Furthermore, messy front layers are very much in with so many celebrities sporting them at red carpet events, movies, interviews, music videos, and magazine covers.

Everytime you perform a front-layered cut, you can experiment with different angles, lengths, and styles to produce varied results. Learn hairdressing at home with our online tutorials and establish your own salon.

If this lesson is of interest to you, for more details (step-by-step instructions), please watch this video lesson; Layered cut with layers in front only (V1L2)