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Introduction to women's layered cut with layers at bottom only


Make Those Locks Bounce with Gorgeous Textured Long Layers

A woman’s long hair always grabs attention wherever she goes. The ringlets at the bottom or the poker straight mane bring much admiration and envy. Allow every woman to grab the spotlight by giving her a long layered cut that you can learn from online hairdressing training offered at our website.

Specially advised for long hair

Every woman has unique hair though it falls under a common hair type. You can add more versatility to the hair with a layered cut providing layers at the bottom. This imparts a lot of versatility to the locks that is far more refreshing than regular blunt and straight cuts. Layers at the bottom are usually suitable for women with long length hair as it adds a great definition and texture. This texture looks different on each woman but regardless of the variation, it guarantees an exceptional makeover that she would absolutely love to flaunt at school, college, or work.

Fix unmanageable hair

Many women suffer from unmanageable hair, rough texture, or frizz during different climatic conditions. Layers at the bottom can solve all these problems and transform limp and lifeless hair, adding bounce and richness to the locks. There are so many options with a layered cut, which provide layers at the bottom as they can be styled and cut in many dimensions. Depending on the way a woman wants to portray herself, a long-layered hairstyle can be used to create multiple looks, right from the innocent school girl to the sultry actress. This cut can be used to sculpt hairdos that highlight various features of a woman’s personality just like she desires.

Universally suitable layers

Straight, curly, or wavy, the bottom layered cut is suitable for all hair types. It can be styled different ways to look different everyday and make a style statement. It does not matter if a woman has natural or relaxed hair, as long layers only accentuate her beauty by adding volume and life to the locks. Depending on the hair type, density, and thickness, you can perform a layered cut giving soft or dense layers. A choppy layered cut is most preferred among women today. It is easy to transition from a blunt to layered cut and you can learn that using our video tutorials.

You can learn hairdressing at home and master this cut to produce rocking styles on different hair types. Watch our step-by-step video tutorial on the layered cut with layers at the bottom to practice the skills.

If this lesson is of interest to you, for more details (step-by-step instructions), please watch video lesson;Layered cut with layers at bottom only (V1L3)