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Wedge cut and set – LIVE


The Wedge Cut

In 1976, a figure skater from the US won a gold medal at the Winter Olympics in Austria and became the World Champion. During this time, this young 19-year old sported a haircut known as the wedge cut. Her accomplishments placed her in high demand as a spokesperson for endorsements. The increased publicity that she received made her signature look popular, and young women around the world copied it. This figure skater's name was Dorothy Hamill, and the hair cut came to be known as the 'Dorothy Hamill' do. That cut has remained popular and has evolved into the wedge cut that we see today.


This cut actually originated in the year 1974 when Trevor Sorbie, a celebrity hairstylist, created it in the Vidal Sassoon saloon he worked at in London, to be different from the other hairstylists of that time. Dorothy Hamill's 'wedge' was actually a bowl cut that was shortened gradually into a wedge-like look that she is famous for. The advantage of this cut was that it was as suitable for men as it was for women. In the 70s, not a lot of hairstyles could boast of that. Its comparatively low maintenance nature added to its appeal as well.


This cut features a shallow-angled layering under a strong weight line. This means that the style has quite a bit of movement and freedom. It will be very effective only if the cut is done precisely, but it can be executed on any kind of hair, except really curly hair. It is considered to be a hairstyle that could virtually be adapted by anyone, regardless of their age. Customarily, as women grow older, they tend to prefer shorter styles. The wedge is a hairstyle that can work well for such women, in spite of the fact that it was initially more famous as well as more suitable among younger women.

Cutting the perfect wedge

For a correct wedge, the hair has to be sectioned after leaving down any shape for bangs area and cut to a desired length. Also, a guide has to be cut at the back to a desired length. Working on one side from the back to the front, an outline has to be cut of the hair's bottom edge and the same on the other side. The hair has to then be let down and parted from the center with a comb. A careful guide is then cut for the weight line and vertically thin hair slices are cut out; the hair is raised to an elevation of 90-degree. Finally, from perimeter length to weight line, the hair is cut at a certain angle.

The only drawback of sporting a wedge cut is the need for regular salon visits for maintaining the shape. Also, regular styling is required to ensure that it doesn't look unkempt. For a complete hairdressing training package, you can enroll yourself in our training program.

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