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God wants His nation to be holy. The prophet Isaiah says, "and you shall be called the priests of the Lord....ministers of God; you shall eat the wealth of the nations, and in their riches you shall glory."

This does not mean, as some of the Jews totally misinterpret, to dominate and extract all the wealth from the nations. What a shame! This is how these blessed people of the Old Testament, how these pitiful people, God's elect of the Old Testament, misunderstand the Scriptures.

The true meaning of the king and priest will only be given to us in Christ Jesus. If I do not have faith in Jesus Christ and if I study the Old Testament without the light of the New Testament, then I interpret Scripture according to my selfish, national or racist ambitions and interests. So, If I am a Jew and I reject the New Testament, I reject Jesus Christ and then I can say, "here it is. God wishes me to be wealthy, to control the wealth of the nations, and to govern the entire world."

This is a horrible mistake, a terrible misunderstanding of the word of God that has been guiding the elitist Zionist groups in this direction for years. They deserve many tears, because they will neither rule the world nor witll they get much joy out of this wealth, because when they finally accomplish this - and they will accomplish it - they will bring the Antichrist who will lead them to perdition (HELL).

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