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Brushing pour dames, vers l'extérieur



Choosing the Best Blow-dryer for Blowout Hairstyles

There is a lot of science behind selecting a blow-dryer for styling hair. The hair type, texture, and the type of styling are important factors in choosing a proper blow-dryer. Here are a few features that an ideal blow-dryer should possess to produce brilliant results while styling your customer.

Opt for versatility over affordability

There are many kinds of blow-dryers in the market including ones with fixed temperature, variable temperature, fixed speed, and variable speed. You can opt for a blow-dryer that offers easy control of heat and air flow so that you do not damage the strands while drying. Perfect styling is achieved while maintaining steady air flow and medium heat for a while and then locking the style using cold air. So, opt for a blow-dryer that has both temperature and speed control.

Better features for straight hair

To straighten hair using blow-dryers, you have to pay attention to its features. Straightening requires more heat and concentration of the air flow on each section of hair. The dryer should have good nozzles that will direct the air and heat to the hair and speed up the straightening process. Dryers with ceramic heaters or ionic heaters will ensure that the locks will have a shiny finished look. They will not cause heat damage and avoid frizz or static buildup while styling.

Extra care for curly hair

You need to be more concerned while styling curly hair. Blow-dryers come with diffusers to style curly hair. This is to regulate the heat and prevent the strands from being damaged. An extremely good blow-dryer with good diffuser and heat control feature will prove effective in styling curly hair without causing breakage. Ceramic heated blow-dryers will prevent heat damage and produce a glossy finish to the curls.
Higher the power, better the effect

High power blow-dryers like those of 1900 or 2000 Watts usually produce a lot of heat that is useful for drying hair in less time. If you want to save time or style hair quickly, you can choose for high power blow-dryers. For those with hair of normal to medium thickness, a blow-dryer of average wattage (1750 Watts) should be sufficient to achieve good results. However, you might have to use a blow-dryer of more than 1900 Watts for people with thick hair.

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