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Installing Helix Ultimate quickstart extension
(Lesson 1)

Welcome to our web design course!

If you were always amazed on how to build your own website you are in the right place.  There are hundreds of ways to build a website, and this is only one way.

In this course you will learn how we have built our own webiste - cmevt.com -  using joomla, helix utlimate, and sp pagebuilder pro extension.

All our web design video lessons will show you step-by-step how we have built our site. We ran into lot's of problems, which without support from your webhost and/or support from each joomla extension that got installed, website completion would be impossible.

There is a lot to learn, and the learning curve grows exponentially as your progress throughout the course.

In this first lesson you will be installing the Helix ultimate template. If you do not succeed with the installation, you will not be able to proceed  with the course, so make sure you follow each step exactly as shown.

Terminology you need to know in order to better understand this video lesson

  1. What is joomla
  2. What is helix ultimate template
  3. What is helix ultimate quickstart file
  4. What is c-panel
  5. What is public-html folder
  6. What is mysql database
  7. What is database user
  8. What is password generator

What is joomla

 Joomla, in simple terms,  is a software that you need in order to create your own website. It is also called  a content management system (CMS). In order to download this FREE software, you will need to go to the official joomla website.  One there, click on the download button on the upper right corner. You will have 2 available options;

  • On the left you can download the full package 'Download joomla 3.9.8 (as of June 29, 2019)  (you will download this zip file if you have not yet installed  joomla on your webserver or remote host).
  • On the right you will be installing the latest upgrade of joomla, to the joomla that you already have installed on your remote host. 

For a much more follow this link;  detailed explanation on the Joomla content management system.

What are joomla extensions

 Once you are at the official joomla website, go to the top menu under; Download & Extend / Extensions. Here you will find all available extensions created by individuals that can be installed in your Joomla site in order to extend joomla functionality. For example if you wish to have your users pay for membership in order to access your website's contents, you would install a membership extension to your joomla site. 

What is helix ultimate template

 A joomla template is just like another joomla extension that is installed to specifically control the look of your site in order to make it look unique from all others. The template controls how the content will display. If you wish you may use different templates within one site. A key reason for using a template is to make all your webpages display equally good on PCs, laptops, tablets and smart phones. Without using a template, you would have to have extensive knowledge of CSS, HTML, Javascript,etc.. in order to duplicate what the template does for you behind the scenes.

You can check out the explanation in the official joomla website as to what is a template.

What is helix ultimate quickstart file

 The Quickstart pack [Quickstart Pack / File Size: 28.8 Mb (July 2019)] is a complete installation of the Joomla CMS package and the installation of the helix template framework all in one. By installing the Quickstart pack - which we recommend for individuals who are new to joomla and the helix ultimate template – has a major advantage. By Entering the backend of your site (after having installed the Quickstart pack) you can get a headstart on things. From the backend you can access the top header and a mega menu and other links, which will help you figure how those links were created. By installing just the template [Template / File Size: 2.2 Mb (July 2019)] you have nowhere to go to begin building your site.

What is remote host

 Remote host, also known as webhost, is the computer that stores the contents of your website on their server. All website owners, pay an annual fee for that kind of service.

What is c-panel

 C-panel is like a control panel that gives you acces to your website's files. Through c-panel you have access to different utilities that allow you to manipute or control certain aspects of your server and your site.  For example in c-panel, upload or download file sfor your website, you can install joomla,  you can create your database, you can create backups, change username and password, etc...

What is public-html folder

 The joomla installation is all done in your public_html folder on your remote host. All the files of your joomla website reside in this folder, which can be viewed publicly by all internet users.

What is mysql database

 MySQL is an open source relational database management system (RDBMS) that runs on almost all platforms like Linux, UNIX and windows. The language that is used to communicate with MySQL is called Structured Query Language (SQL). You use SQL to manipulate the contents of the database of your site. The database can consist such things as all the usernames that sign up in your site, etc…

What is database user

 A database user is the user that is given all or some priviledges to access and manipute the database of the website. You will see this in this lesson's video.

What is password generator

 If you go to MySQL Datbases utility in your c-panel, and you scroll down to 'Add New User' section, you will see the Password generator button. This gives you the most secure passwords you can use in your site. Click on this button to create passwords for the backend of your site, as shown below;

 password generator1 600x409 j2


password generator2 600x438 j2




If this web design lesson is of interest to you, you may watch our video with step by step instructions by following this link on comment installer the Helix Ultimate quickstart template.