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Celebrities Bring Wild and Chic Short Hairstyles in Trend

Halle Berry, Emma Watson, Rihanna, Anne Hathaway, Katherine Heigl and Natalie Portman are few of the celebrities making an appearance with their short hairstyles. Previously, setting trends with curls, layers, and poker straight blunt cuts, these women have revolutionized the fashion world with their new choices of style. Regardless of the season and reason, short hairstyles are making a huge impression over women at the moment.

Chic, unique, and funky styles

Short hairstyles are versatile with a multitude of options in styling that make them fun to sport for any occasion. They can be cut in unique ways to suit the unique facial structures of women and highlight their gorgeous physical traits. Whether it is Emma Watson’s boyish crop or Rihanna’s asymmetrical bob, the haircuts are exceptional on every woman inspiring others to try it out in their own funky way. On a street full of women with long and medium-length hairstyles, short hairstyles immediately capture attention and speak of adventurous and fun-loving attitude.

Global warming inspiring the trend

With rising temperatures around the world due to global warming, most women find it hard to maintain a long hairstyle. In tropical climates, the heat of the sun makes women secure their locks in place and allow the breeze to cool their skin during summer and spring. Furthermore, with irregular weather conditions, hair does become quite unmanageable. Frizzing and static build often torments women despite tackling the problems with an arsenal of hair products. Short haircuts are the ultimate solution to all these problems. Through online hairdressing training, you can learn hairdressing for your family or friends and help them overcome their hair problems with simple, short hairstyles. They are great for the heat and leave women feeling light, cool, and free.

Avoid high maintenance

Long and medium-length hairstyles need a lot of care and demand a lot of time. Long hair does not just take longer time to wash, condition, dry, groom, and maintain, but also requires a lot of monetary investment. The amount of money spent in buying hair products, and the volume of hair products consumed by long hair drain women of energy with all the maintenance. In a fast-paced world, women rarely have time to devote towards maintaining their locks. With short hairstyles, the time and effort required for maintaining hair is cut down by great proportions.

Short hair provides abundant options in styling. You can experiment with asymmetrical hairstyles, multiple textured styles, streaks, rainbow-colored hair, and much more. The freedom for experimenting with short hair is vast and it is a lot more exciting to sport funky styles and show off a daring attitude.

Watch our step-by-step tutorial on how to perform a basic cut that will help you with techniques implemented in short hairstyles.

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