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Men's Hair Trends 2013 

Hair never used to be very important to men for quite a while. It was acceptable for every man to sport the same basic look. In fact, if you look back into the past, there were times when almost every single male sported the same hairstyle. But times have changed. Nowadays, a lot of men are deeply involved in grooming themselves quite fiercely.

Classic pompadour

Men's hairstyle trends for 2013 indicate a movement towards variations of the classic pompadour. This also shows that men's hairstyle is moving away from those messy 'just got out of the bed' look towards hairstyle that involves at least some basic grooming. These are combinations of classic barbering techniques and a few modern twists. Although unlike the classic pompadour, these variations are extremely short on the back and the sides. These hairstyles are suitable for both work as well as formal occasions due to the grooming involved.

Classic tapered cut

In this haircut, the sides as well as the back are cut aggressively short with almost the shortest setting of a clipper. There is minimal disconnection in the blending and that is because of the use of clipper-over-comb technique. Then the hair is styled using a hair shaping product and dried in the backwards and upwards direction to give this style a bit of height.

Military rockabilly cut

This cut is an aggressive version of the pompadour. The back and sides are trimmed down to the closest trimmed level possible on a clipper. The back and sides are cut higher up on the head, causing minimal blending between the top and the sides, and allowing exaggerated lengths on top. Heat is applied to direct the hair back and up for added height. This kind of hair styling is suitable for the professional environment.

Short pompadour

In this short version of the pompadour, the back and sides are tightly trimmed using the clipper and blended into the considerable length up top. It is more suitable for people with light skin and dark hair as the transition on the sides will be quite clear. The hair is blow-dried and styled with pomade to add a bit of shine.

Tight tapered haircut

This haircut is a very casual short pompadour version. This involves aggressive trimming on the back and sides, keeping a good amount of length on the top. This gives a bit of disconnection between the back and the sides. Using a bit of pomade, the hair is styled using the fingers to add extra separation as well as give the hairstyle a bit of a casual look. This cut can also be styled cleanly to groom it for a more formal look.

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