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Basic Hair Styling For Men

Men are quite lazy when it's time to care for their hair. You can see a lot of guys with weird hairstyles who are clueless how to get it back together. For men with the normal thick hair and who are looking for a basic haircut style, there are many ways to make it better, or to ruin it. This article tries to break down the basic hairdressing work in males, and the common mistakes they make in getting the styling right.

Basic hair style (normal/thick hair)

This is a common hair style among adults. It's thick, wavy, and full, and you can have many different styles if you're willing to put the effort.

Mistakes guys make

One of the most common mistakes people make in this hair type is keeping the hair long at the top and too short around the sides. For wavy hair, this can result in top-heavy and misshapen growth of hair. There are some men who don't apply hair products on their hair. This results in frizzy hair that breaks easily. Alternatively, some men tend to go heavy on the hair products so as to get middle part or severe side.

Another mistake is using electric razor or clippers on the back and sides rather than using scissors. This results in too short clipped hair that has limited in styling and blending options.

Styling strategies

For men with this kind of hair, a slightly layered and longer front and top, and a slightly shorter back and sides is the way to go. This basic haircut style is called as “college cut” by many stylists. It is a very flattering hairstyle for men.

One more option would be to keep the hair layered and short all around. You can spike it up using a pomade and then style the hair with your fingers to get the classic “bed head” style.

In order to get a straight hairstyle, first cut the hair to medium length, and keep it a little short at the back and around the sides. Now, comb the hair back using a mousse and allow it to dry. After it's dry, you can fluff the hair out and let it fall in a straight style around the sides.

Hair styling should be done such that the hair suits your head. The best option is to learn hairdressing or go to professionals who can do the styling according to how you guide them.

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