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Coupe wedge pour dames



The Versatile World of Wedge Cuts

When bobs are too short and layers are too long, a wedge cut is the perfect style that women can depend on to give them a complete makeover from being Plain Jane to Sassy Sally. Wedge cuts are amazing styles that carry the femininity of long hairstyles and the wildness of short hairstyles. Fashionable and chic, a wedge look can give a woman a sexy, sweet, intelligent, flirtatious, or an elegant appeal depending on what is desired.

Best casual and formal hairstyle

Wedge cut has multiple variations depending on the kind of look women wish to sport. They are best suited for everyday and all occasions as the styles suit any attire, any face shape, and accentuate facial features brilliantly. Classic wedge cuts are usually tried on straight or wavy hair and look beautiful without seeming too messy or formal. For women who love to jazz up their hair with different styles once in a while, contemporary styles developed by integrating classic wedge cut with other hairstyles work marvelously.

Playing with wedge cuts

Wedge cut can be blunt, textured, defined, asymmetrical, and completely versatile for modifications. You can style a wedge with layers using scissors or razors depending on whether you want the hair to cling to the face or bounce around. Asymmetry is a very popular style used in haircuts and can be integrated with a wedge cut to spice up the look. Inverted wedge styles are also a great way to experiment with the haircut by keeping the hair at the back shorter while the front is longer. This looks great on straight hair. Bangs, fringes, and front layers are not new to wedge cuts since the cut also involves styling the hair at the forehead. There are more such ways to manipulate wedge haircuts to create mashups and remix hairstyles.

Curly, wavy, straight, and colorful wedges

Professional hairdressers have shared many ideas on designing wedge cuts. Curly hair can be shaped into a classic wedge with a side parting, while wavy or straight hair can have asymmetrical wedge with side parting and layers in the front. Streaks on fringes, side bangs, long fringes, pixie-wedge combinations, and heat-styled wedge cuts are very popular. Depending on the hair type, you can freely experiment with a wedge cut by using different techniques of pixie cuts, layers, bob, blunt cuts, wispy cut, and more.

There are online videos that elaborate on the step-by-step method of performing a wedge cut. Watch and practice the cut as you try different variations and create your signature styles.

 Si cette leçon vous intéresse, pour plus de détails, s'il vous plaît, regardez notre vidéo; Coupe wedge pour femmes (V1L6)