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Difference between Streaking and Highlighting

It is very common for a lot of people to visit the parlor in order to apply highlights to their hair. However, there is a lot of confusion caused when a beautician suggests that you don’t get the highlights done, but rather, have streaks on the hair. This is because most people think that highlighting is just another name for streaks. But there are differences between highlights and streaks.

How they differ

The chief differentiation is based on the fact that, in highlights, hair is sectioned into thin slices for applying the color and giving a sleek look. But streaks are applied on thicker volumes of hair, which make the face appear bolder. Another important difference which you need to be aware of is that the colors that are usually chosen for highlights are shades matching your current hair color. But when it comes to streaks, the color will not be a shade that is anywhere close to the hair color that you currently sport. Therefore, streaks normally come in colors such as green, blue, orange, or pink, which are quite bold and contrast with your hair color. People who depict a team often prefer to have streaks done. It is also popular among people who sport 'scene' hair as these bold streaks can make the person stand out and be different.

Streaks generally are done in straight lines on straight hair and are spaced out well. They give a punky look, while highlights are normally quite a bit thinner and so, they give a softer look. In a way, highlights can be considered as small streaks that are used for lightening the hair color aided by the use of a bleaching mixture applied to the hair. The timing factor during bleaching is a vital aspect to the procedure to ensure that the effect is very chic rather than being too bold.

Highlights are also considerably more expensive than streaks and how costly it is depends on each individual parlor and their procedures. There are colors that can be used for streaking at home. But highlights are quite complicated and essentially should be done by expert beauticians at a parlor with equipment and products.

How they are applied

Another notable difference is that streaks are meant to be applied to the entire length of the hair, while highlights are meant to be applied at the ends of hair strands. While streaks look good on shorter hair lengths, highlights are effective on longer hair.

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