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Are You Aware of These Blow Drying Facts?

A lot of women are now regularly using the blow dryer to help them create and maintain the many trendy hairstyles that are worn by their contemporaries. But something that a lot of these women don’t realize is that blow drying is in itself an art requiring extensive knowledge and skills to perform perfectly.

Styling lotion – the 'make or break' factor

The secret to the success of a blowout is the styling product used. Using a volumizer can add body to limp, fine hair. Meanwhile curly, thick-haired women can avoid frizzy hair using a leave-in conditioning product. Also, remember to use a technique that distributes the product evenly on every single strand.

Pre-dry your hair

Air drying your hair is a good option to use while drying your hair on long weekends with enough free time or warm days. If that's not the case, then you could pre-dry using your fingers, paddle brushes, or slotted brushes. The right technique is the key to attaining perfection in your blow dry.

Sectioning hair before you blow dry

Sectioning your hair before blow drying is vital to the process. Based on your hair type, each individual will need to section hair in different ways. Leaving out a section and making sections of hairstyles one below the other will also help. For thick hair, each section has to be divided into two halves to ensure effective drying.

Holding your hair taut

The way to ensure that your cuticles remain smooth is by holding your hair taut. Do not ever blast heat over the same spot for too long. Keep the blow dryer moving to avoid overheating and damaging your hair.

A bouncy blowout

Take sections of hair randomly when they are hot, wrap them around two of your fingers, and allow them to cool. Unwind the hair that is curled around the fingers and let go to give you the perfectly bouncy hair that you love.

Use your fingers

Starting with your fingers is often the key to a perfect blowout. Starting from your roots, pull the fingers through your hair and shoot heat at them after holding your hair taut. For a sleek blow dry, pull your hair out to a couple of inches and shoot hot air at your crown.

Metal brushes – biggest mistake

Metal brushes heat up way too fast and could burn your hair during blow drying. This is why it is recommended to use round brushes that have a good mix of boar and nylon bristles to ensure uniform and safe blow drying.

There are also many other facts, tips, and tricks that you will learn through experience or from a trained professional. But these facts will help you get started. And if you are looking for hairdressing training courses at unbeatable price, our comprehensive program will help you learn and master the art.

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