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Séchage (Brushing), d’un coupe de base



4 Tips for a Perfect Professional Blowout

As amateur hairdressers, you may wish to achieve perfect curls, waves, and straight styles using a blow-dryer. Every time you try a new style using how-to articles, you may notice that there is a distinct difference between your results and professionally styled hair. Here are a few tips that may help you in achieving a perfect blowout. If you wish to pursue careers in hairdressing, professional blowdry techniques are very essential. Enroll with us for step-by-step video tutorials in hairdressing.

Balance the hairdryer and brush

It is hard for novice hairdressers to use the hairdryer and styling brush at the same time. Still it is very important for you to use both the tools skillfully with equal dexterity to achieve best results. Practice handling both tools in both hands until you feel comfortable and can manage following the blowdry technique perfectly. You would have to anchor the section of hair that needs to be dried, and direct the air flow from the blow-dryer in the right direction. The coordination is very important and you can achieve a good control over the tools if you divide the hair into many sections.

Use hair products according to the hair type and purpose

Different hair products can produce different results upon styling. For thin and straight hair you can use light hair products like gel or mousse. For hair of medium thickness, you can use light and heavy hair products depending on the type of styling. Mousse, gels, creams, liquids, and glaze can all work well with this type of hair. Extremely thick hair can be tamed using heavy hairstyling products like wax, creams, gel, and extra strength mousse. You can use straightening gels, creams, glazes, balms, and liquids for absolutely straight blowouts. Allow natural waves to set well using gels and mousse. For curly blowouts, use products that give volume and a firm hold for the curls.

Avoid finger styling

Certain hair types and textures do not react very well to the touch of fingers while styling. If the hair is wet and you try to scrunch it or run your fingers through it, there may be a static buildup or frizziness. Curly or wavy hair reacts violently to finger-combing and should not be touched during styling and until it is completely dry.

Play with hot and cold air

Heat opens up the hair cuticle to allow styling, while cool air closes the cuticles to lock the style. Alternate with hot and cold air to style each section and achieve brilliant long-lasting results.

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